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Lukas McFarlane. I am a creative / choreographer from Canada who calls the UK home. I started off working as a dancer in this industry so I know the ins and outs of it from the bottom up. From a very young age, I was assisting choreographically on complex productions such as ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and danced for some of the biggest names in the industry such as P!nk, Taylor Swift and Celine Dion. From this I moved onto creative directing and choreographing for well-known global brands such as UNIQLO, LYNK&CO and GAP on both live events and worldwide campaigns. I have also worked with artists all over the world such as James Arthur, Vance Joy, Hayden Calnin, Saara Aalto and Gabrielle Aplin on movement direction, choreography, and creative direction. I am over qualified in the television world working creatively on the biggest shows in the UK like The X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and The Voice UK. I am also well versed in creating live shows for audiences of more than 60.000 at events like British Summer Time Hyde Park and Eurovision Song Contest.








‘His incredible choreography really bought the best out of our dancers ... Lukas McFarlane has a keen attention to detail helped us bring his beautiful vision to life on camera.‘ - Choreography and Creative Direction 



'Lukas Mcfarlane is the secret weapon on any job. His choreography not only transcends but backed by his creative mind, allows himself to be immersed  in the vision  with  intelligence and innovation.' - Choreography and Assistant Creative Direction




'Lukas McFarlane is one of a kind. His attention to detail and ability to work under pressure made him a vital part of my team on The X Factor. His creativity and choreographic versatility are just a few of the reasons I hire him to be a part of Team Friedman any chance I get.' - Choreography and Assistant Creative Direction




This was truly a special moment for me. Strictly Come Dancing is an iconic show in the UK and so be asked after 16 seasons to introduce contemporary as a new style into the show format was humbling and extremely rewarding. This was one of 2 routines I did the creative and choreography for that season. It is one of my favourite performances I have come up with to date. Working with Ashley and Pasha was a dream come true.

Saara Aalto is one of the hardest working artists I have had the pleasure of working for. She never says no and is always up for challenge. Working once again under Brain Friedman's creative direction we brought to life this iconic number for Eurovision 2018. I went on to choreograph her UK Tour later that year off the back of this memorable performance! I mean...who sings rotating upside down...!


This was the first time I worked for Christian Storm as a creative and it was one to remember. We had 1 day prep for a 5 minute routine and that basically all changed on the day once we got int he venue which was literally being created around us as we rehearsed! It was an on your toes kind of job but working with a company like LYNK&CO was extremely valuable in my understanding of live corporate work. The client was beyond pleased and said their Amsterdam event was the best they had seen yet.

To work with artists of this calibre is always a great challenge for me. To shoot two music videos and a live performance with multiple versions of the choreography is a whole other challenge completely! We were so happy with how this turned out and it was amazing to be brought on this as assistant creative as well as choreographer. Also, the track is a banger!

There is nothing quiet like working on The X Factor or as we call is “Change Factor”. I have never had to be so on my feet and quick to respond then working on this job. Stressful doesn’t even begin to describe the environment but I am beyond happy with how it turned out. Choreographing for Wembley is pretty spectacular and when Brian Friedman says he is happy, you know you can walk away proud!

The Voice has such talented artists on it so it has been such a privilege to be asked to choreograph for the show for 5 seasons now and to work with unique artists such as Bethzienna! I was given a reference picture of someone being held up by feet and I created from there. It is so refreshing when a creative such as Jerry wants to push boundaries on a commercial platform. Few artists could have pulled this one off! One of my favourite things I've made to date!

For this project I had extreme time restraints and worked with several different styles of movement choreographically. Working with a brand of this magnitude was a great experience.. It was aired both on TV and online and used as in store advertising.

I am very passionate about this artist, so it was an honour to not only choreograph but also to write the creative treatment and co-direct the film with him for this project. We filmed in the rainforest on The Great Ocean Road in Melbourne, Australia - a perfect location for my vision.

I enjoyed this project immensely as it was a contemporary duet which I have done several times before. The process was seamless and and the video was extremely well received by all the artist’s fans around the world.

Gabrielle was amazing to work with. For this video I focused  on showcasing her already wonderful and unique movement quality. It was fun and rewarding to watch her come out of her shell never having danced before.


Most importantly, I am a team player. I work hard and get the job done. Everything is an inspiration to me, so when it comes to following a brief, I start creating the vision right from the start. I’m different, there I said it. I like to think outside of the box because every piece of art deserves to be unique. I promise to give you exactly what you want…and then more! I am quick on my feet and am extremely efficient in last minute situations. I thrive on working under pressure and am definitely not deterred when it comes to a challenge. This is my passion, creating and choreographing is what I live and breathe, and not just at work. So not only will you get the best product you could hope for from me, but you will also enjoy the hell out of the process!